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Visual Identity Concept, Poster Design, Print Design.

Dream is Destiny

Dream is Destiny was an entry piece for ICAD upstarts 2019. A poster based on the script from a scene of Waking Life (2001). In ‘Waking Life, Wiley Wiggins travels through a series of encounters and observations in a world that may or may not be reality. It is this surreal existence, flourishing with endless ideas and possibilities, that ultimately leads to the question –– Are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?’ (Google). This scene is one of my favourites in the film and it suited ICAD Upstarts’s theme, which is based on the idea of celebrating a ‘perfect imperfection’, very well. It was done as Double sided A2 poster with typographic work which could also be considered as a visual identity for the project.