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Visual Identity, Proposal, Typography, Type Design. 

Science Gallery Network

Science Gallery Network is the world’s only university network dedicated to public engagement with Science and Art. During the ICAD programme in 2019 I was asked by the Science Gallery Dublin, which heads the network the Schience Galley Network, to reimagine this ever-growing network by creating a design system that celebrates how each gallery sits within the context of the network.

The new identiy system came about based one the idea that Art and Science are ‘introspective’ and ‘extrospective’, respectfully, and therefore that the practise of the Science Gallery Network is formed by the interaction with these two same behavioural qualities. This line of thought resulted in a modular and simple but effective new identity system, which shows the orignal logo of the Science Gallery becoming responive and adaptive in a way that it houses the varios different aspects of the network and its galleries; along with a new typeface (Introex) which was designed with the same thought. A new and flexible visual identity system for the Science gallery Network.


Poster deisgn to launch the new Science Gallery Network Identity System.


Poster design for a potential exhibition in the Science Gallery which explores the idea of Introspection and Extrospection through Art and Science.  


A page of the Science Gallery Network website reimagined with the new identity.

Introex typeface designed for the New Science Gallery Identity System.