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Photography, Concept Creation, Art Direction

On The Beat

On The Beat is a photographic work that explores The Liberties of Dublin with depictions of ordinary views from wanders around this infamous inner city area of Ireland. It is an area that has economically changed in the past decades although its peculiar atmosphere has seemingly been long cherished by its people. On the beat is a visual interpretation of moments of solitude and contemplation based on Senan Finucane's experience of walking the beat in The Liberties as a police man in the 30's/40's.

“He came from a farming family in Clare in the late 1930’s to join the police force in Dublin. He was soon walking the beat in the Liberties with his mate the legendary Lugs Brannigan whom Senan calls a "God among the Liberties people". Together they disbanded toss schools, cracked the secret door - knock code of public houses serving patrons after hours, and battled the animal gangs with batons flying. When the German bomb fell on the Northside in 1941 he was immediately dispatched to the scene where he witnessed in horror body parts being retrieved from the wreckage. He loved his life in the Liberties where he became a much liked and respected "copper on the beat”. Senan Finucane, age 73.

("Dublin Tenement Life an Oral History" by Kevin C. Kearns, 1994)