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Branding, Visual Identity, Typography, Web Design, Social Media.

The Rootist

The Rootist is a haircare brand born from biotechnology and designed for the connection between roots, scalp, and hair. The Rootist believes there is beauty in biology, and that roots, scalp & hair should be treated as one connected ecosystem, in driving changes that improve the care of both people & planet. Caring for all three helps your strongest, healthiest hair take root.

I worked alongside creative director Amir Zia to define a visual identity for The Rootist that not only would work with their logotype, created by Amir and finetuned by Rudy de Souza, and their previously designed line of products but would reflect the brand’s sustainable ethos and science.

The Rootist visual idenitity work involved creating a series of brand tools with which their in house designer could work to bring the brand to life therefore. It included typography, colour pallete, art direction, brand guidelines, social media launch, Sephora launch, and website guidelines.

Typefaces: Helvetica Neue, Feature Display, and WT Monarch Nova.
All photography by The Rootist.