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Branding, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Typography, Web Design, Social Media, Print Design. 


Founded by Connie Hollyer, a Holistic Neuroplasticity Practitioner specialising in burnout, haze. is a Sensory wellness brand that help you find inner peace. 

Whether you're looking to deepen your yoga practice or cultivate daily mindfulness, haze.’s sensory wellness products support you on your journey towards greater presence, clarity, and joy. They're tools that help you create a sacred inner space, where you can tap into your intuition, align your mind and body, and flow through life with ease.

RSS worked with Connie to create a new visual identity for haze. which reframed its communication and positioning as a young luxury wellness brand. The new visual idenity was shaped up with a vibrant feel that embodies the connection between wellness and the sensorial with the use of organic textures and colours found in nature.

The work included the creation a bespoke typographic logo, typography use, brand guildelines, website site visualisation and guidelines, social media presence and product applications.